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The 20th anniversary of “1.17″,the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake
This year we Japanese people commemorated the 20th anniversary of the Great hanshin-Awaji Earthquake on the January 17th. In the damaged areas, municipalities hosted special commemorative ceremonies and private societies also hosted events sush as charity music conserts and so forth. Kobe City, Nishinomiy City, Itami City and others in Hyogo Pref, Osaka, Kyoto and other rigions and areas in the western part of Japan keep helping sufferers and their bereaved families of the victims.

Children who were born in that year of disaster now have come of age this year. TV shows, dramas, articles and even personal blogs featuring this anniversary and related events are around. Though all the places and areas have miraculously recovered from the damages and rebuilt so well, we still retain the sadness and would keep consoling the souls of the victims and strive for improving the situations for even better.

(by Terry)
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MUJI, the simple, clean and the beautiful brand
MUJI is a lifestyle brand that creates products to enhance your life style with the concept of their own aesthetics of ” a good life”.

” Our lifestyle is made from living with various kinds of products.” For example, you have a chair you always sit on at home. Thinking that you are “living with the chair” adds fullness to your life.” said the product planner Kanei Masaaki.
“You leave your office at 6:30, come home listen to music, watch tv, spend the time with your family surrounded by the life style products you chose. There’s nothing more healthy than this life style. This is what is a called a good life.”
Kanei himself is still experimenting what he calls ” a good life”.

” I only do what I enjoy at home lol. Taking my dog for a walk, and shopping for interiors and decors. I enjoy eating seasonal food with simple cooking style. I think thats why I don’t feel stressed from work. Actually, I respect the MUJI brand, so it’s natural for me not to feel stressed nor tired.”
MUJI brand was created in the 80′s when an affluent life style was in trend. MUJI searched for “beauty” in simple products. This is the answer to their long quest of their product and brand imaging.
” And one day, I believe MUJI will become a world renown word. I believe in it.”

Recently, MUJI has expanded to China. Amongst other similar concept brands, it is said that UNIQLO and MUJI are the only brands that are making a profit in China.
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Get your skates on! Ice rink under Tokyo Sky Tree
The first limited time ” Tokyo Sky Tree Town Ice Skate” opened at Tokyo Sora Machi.

The rink is on until March 8th and the well known child actress as well as figure skater Miyu Honda and her sister made a guest appearance.

With the great view of skating right under neath the sky tree, you can skate freely in this 400m2 rink. At night, the Tokyo Sky Tree lights up, with the illumination around makes the place just breath taking. You can skate with Sorakara chan and enjoy the day!

There are food stands in the rink, where you can just go around with your skates on. Delicious soup of the day and hot chocolate will warm your body up! For those beginners, don’t worry! A “10 minute One point lesson” from a staff ice skater will give you a private lesson.

With the popular figure skater, Yuzuru Hanyu and Mao Asada, ice skating became a popular sports amongst children!
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Anime explosion! Tokyo One Piece Tower
Japan is known for their creative anime and manga. Each year they make a hit and many foreigners show a keen interest in them and “One Piece” is one of the biggest hit manga in Japan.
Anyone in town for spring (March,13) 2015, Japan will be opening its first “One piece” themed amusement park called “Tokyo One Piece Tower”.

Although it is not set in stone, this venue is planning an attraction event called
Find Poneglyph’s Robbin!” and shops with original limited goods. I bet big fans can’t wait to get their hands on them!

The “Tokyo One Piece Tower” is based on the TV animation “ONE PIECE”, and have attraction rides with Luffy, Zoro, Chopper and other character themed as well as simulation live entertainment show to experience adventure and bonds between the characters. It’s just like the anime!

On top of the goods store, there are cafes and restaurants with originals food and sweets where you can fully enjoy the anime theme. Talking about the anime over a cup of One Piece themed coffee sounds good, doesn’t?
Advanced tickets will be sold from January 2nd 2015, and latest news about “Tokyo One Piece Tower” will be shown on their official website!

■Tokyo One Piece Tower
Venue:Tokyo Minato ward, Shiba kouen 4-2-8 Tokyo Tower Foot Town
Hours of operation: 10:00~22:00 *First day March/13 from 13:00
Ticket Price: On the day Adults: 3,200 yen Child: (4~12 years old) 1,600 yen
Tickets bought in advance: Adults: 3,000 yen Child:(4~12 years old) 1,500yen

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栗田 亮(Makoto Kurita)
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●バンタンデザイン研究所 『eマーケティング』 『クリエイティブ・イングリッシュ』講師

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