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One Piece manga's first permanent store opens in Shibuya Parco part 1
"One Piece Mugiwara Store" (One Piece Straw Hat Store), the first permanent official shop is opening on September 28 at Shibuya Pop culuture market in Shibuya Parco Part 1 shopping complex (6F).
One Piece Mugiwara Store

The store will carry over 10,000 items, including "Mugiwara Store" exclusives and limited grand-opening items.

The store features a life-size figure of the main lead Luffy and a retail area designed to resemble the Thousand Sunny ship's hold.
Shibuya Parco Part1

Shibuya Parco Part1

Other exhibits include a Mini Merry II boat replica and a gateway decorated with the whale Laboon painted with the Straw Hat pirate mark.
Shibuya pop culture market

Shibuya pop culture market

Village Vanguard freaks store at Shibuya pop culture market

Shibuya pop culture market also features anime, manga culture shops including noitamina shop, COSPA Traveling depot and Village Vanguard freaks.
Idol group Denpagumi.inc appeared at the opening reception

9月28日、「ONE PIECE」初の常設公式ショップ「ONE PIECE 麦わらストア」が渋谷パルコPART1にオープンする。




ノイタミナ作品を扱う「ノイタミナショップ」や、アニメやマンガ、ゲームなどさまざまなジャンルのキャラクターアパレル、グッズを取り揃える「コスパ トラベリング デポ」、通常のヴィレッジヴァンガードよりもマンガを多く入荷する「ヴィレッジヴァンガード フリークス」もオープン。
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First prayer room for Muslims at Rera Chitose Outlet Mall in Hokkaido
A prayer room for Muslim shoppers was unveiled at an outlet mall in a northern Japan city to serve the increasing number of tourists from countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia.

It is the first prayer room for Muslims at a shopping facility in Japan, according to the operator of the Rera Chitose Outlet Mall in Chitose, Hokkaido, and an Islamic organization that attended a ceremony to mark the opening of the room.

Rera Chitose Outlet Mall is Hokkaido's first large scale outlet shopping mall,whichi is located next to the international airport and terminal station.

The 30-square-meter room built in the mall's bicycle-parking area has separate areas for men and women, ablution facilities and a mark on the ceiling to indicate the direction of Mecca.
A woman stands inside a prayer room for Muslim shoppers. The room is designed to serve visitors from countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia.

Over the past few years has seen an increase in the number of visitors from Southeast Asian countries.



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Life-Size 'Flower Gundam' appears in Odaiba
A 7 meters (about 23 feet) tall RX-78-2 Gundam bust made of 10,000 pots of flowers will be on display at Diver City Odaiba.

The topiary will be on display from September 29 through October 28 to celebrate the "29th National Urban Greenery Fair Tokyo" event.

Planting of "Flower Gundam" topiary recorded before next week's unveiling.

Click here to see video.
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'Pyorin' cute sweet from Nagoya
Pyorin, the cutest sweet is rising in the ranks of local specialties.
New Year version of Pyorin

Pyorin won an award for its excellency among the specialties of Nagoya at Aichi Prefecture’s food contest of local specialties in 2011.
Nagoya cochin chicken

Nagoya cochin chicken, a species of chicken unique to Aichi Prefecture are well-known for the tasty chicken meat they produce. Pyorin represents the Nagoya cochin chicken by using the kochin eggs in its production. This makes Pyorin a specialty unique to Nagoya.
Valentine's Day version of Pyorin

Maccha version of Pyorin

The fall version of Pyorin

Christmas Version of Pyorin

They are created by crumbling soft sponge cake over pudding made from Nagoya cochin eggs, which is then wrapped in a vanilla mousse and molded into the shape of fluffy baby chicks.
Cafe Janjyanu Rejie

Pyorin can be eaten out only at the Cafe Janjyanu Rejie at Nagoya Station and sell for 300 yen a piece.
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Anime Expo draws 130,000 attendance in L.A
Anime Expo announced on September 19 that this year's event had over 49,400 unique attendees and a turnstile attendance of over 130,000.

Last year, it reported over 47,000 unique attendees and a turnstile attendance of over 128,000 .

This event is an American anime convention held in Los Angeles and organized by the non-profit Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation (SPJA).

Former SPJA CEO Michael Lattanzio had announced that the convention had a turnstile attendance of over 105,000 in 2010. 2009's listed attendance numbers were over 109,000 (turnstile) and over 44,000 (unique).

This year's main guests were:

Range Murata (村田 蓮爾)

Murata's work

Izumi Matsumoto(まつもと 泉)

LiSA (織部 里沙)

and Yuki Kajiura(梶浦 由記) with FictionJunction.

Attendees turned out at Anime Expo to show their passion for cosplay, anime and Japanese culture.

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