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How to ride Kuradas Robot?
The Kuratas robot supposedly stands about 4,000 mm tall and about 3,000 mm wide with an overall length of 4,000 mm. The great metal beast claims to weigh in at 4500 kg, and can even be controlled remotely via an iPhone.

This robot was revealed to a swarm of attendees at Wonder Festival 2012 in Tokyo Big Sight.

An official promotional video detailing how to operate the robot and its "Smile Shot" shooting system is currently streaming on Kurata's Suidobashi Heavy Industry group channel in English.

This customizable robot is set to sell for at least US$1.27 million.
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Photo album "Sadako's Holiday" 
The series of shots will be published in a 32-page book to be included in a limited edition boxset release of the Sadako 3D horror film.

The book features images of Sadako doing typical activities like going to the arcade, getting a haircut and napping in the park.

The "Curse of Sadako" boxset is slated for October 31 with only 4,444 printed copies (4 is pronounced "shi" in Japanese and is a homonym for "death") planned for distribution. The set will retail for 6,720 yen (approximately $85 USD).

The latest 3D film opened at #2 in Japanese box offices on May 12.

"Sadako 3D" film

In the film, young model Ai Hashimoto (橋本愛)plays the role of Sadako.
Model Ai Hashimoto

She has been a contracted model for "Seventeen" magazine.


貞子の写真集「貞子の休日」が封入されるのは、4444セット限定で発売される豪華版の「貞子3D 貞子の呪い箱」6,720円(税込)。

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Copenhagen-based variety shop Tiger opened 1st Asia store in Osaka
The first store in Asia of the Copenhagen-based variety store chain Tiger opened in Osaka on July 21. About 400 shoppers formed a line before it opened.

The Scandinavian shop offering products at low prices open in the shopping area known as Amemrikamura(アメリカ村/ American Village) in Osaka's Shinsaibashi district, where there are many shops for young people.

It focuses on stylish and fancy stationery and other products, targeting young female customers.A customer said she liked this Tiger because it is more appealing than the Japanese 100-yen store such as Daiso.

It is the first Tiger shop to be opened outside Europe. The retailer chain has some 140 stores across 16 European countries including Britain and Germany.

According to Zebra Japan K.K., the Japanese arm of Tiger operator Zebra A/S, the chain plans to open two more shops in Osaka by the end of fiscal 2012 through next March and will consider opening stores in other areas including Tokyo in and after fiscal 2013.

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Robot-themed restaurant opened in Shinjuku
A new restaurant named Robot Restaurant has opened in Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Entry to this Restaurant is a flat fee of 3,000 yen which covers the show, seat, food, a drink, and service charge.

The food is a simple lunch box of snack foods like sushi rolls and fried egg.

The show is an hour-long assault of entertainment featuring Japanese taiko drums, a marching band, a bike performance, robots, tanks, a B-52, and more all bathed in neon lights.

Recently, there's a lot of campaign trucks cruising around the streets of Shinjuku area.

Needless to say, this restaurant is for adults.

Robot Restaurant
Address: Shinjuku Robot Bldg. B2F, 1-17-1 Kabukicho, Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo
Business Hours: 18:00-24:00
Performance: 2 shows nightly (except Sun) starting at 7 p.m.
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Photos of 30+ idols & models at Evangelion exhibit
Two members of the idol group 9nine, Umika Kawashima (川島海荷) and Hirona Murata(村田寛奈), cosplayed as Rei and Asuka from the Evangelion anime franchise for Evangelion x Bishojo Shashin-ten (エヴァンゲリオン×美少女写真展)-Girls Collection of Evangelion-" exhibition.
Umika Kawashima

About 30 idols and models will pose in the exhibition's photographs. The exhibition's photographs present a what-if world, one "if we portrayed the scenes from the anime as real life" and "if those idols lived in the world of Evangelion (Tokyo-3)."
Hirona Murata

Their photographs and more will go on display at Tokyo's Seibu Ikebukuro store on August 1.

The exhibition will stay in Tokyo until August 6, and then move on to Osaka's Daimaru Shinsaibashi store from August 15 to August 21.

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「J:COM presents エヴァンゲリオン×美少女写真展」




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