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Gyaruo fashion models take on taiko for movie “men’s egg Drummers”
Gyaruo(ギャル男) fashion magazines “men's egg” and “egg” are at the center of a new movie by director Yudai Yamaguchi (“Cromartie High School,” “Elite Yankee Saburo”). The film, titled “men's egg Drummers,” features several models from both magazines – including Ayumu Sato and Daichi Tanaka – in a youthful story of friendship.
Gyaruo are a sub-group of modern Japanese youth culture. They are the male equivalent of the gyaru, and are characterised by their deep tans, dyed hair, party lifestyle and a liking for all different types of trance music including para-para dancing music, Eurobeat.
men's egg Magazine
Men's Egg is the most popular magazine amongst gyaruo, and is often described as the "gyaruo bible". It is this magazine that has arguably had the largest influence on the development and constant change of gyaruo lifestyle and fashion.

The project was first revealed in December, but more details have now been released as promotions for the film are ramping up.

Actor Yuki Furukawa plays the protagonist Keita, the successor to a historic Shino shrine who has always led an ordinary life since childhood. One day, before the big annual moon-viewing festival, Keita’s father suddenly falls ill, leaving Keita in charge of running the festival.
Other cast members include Ai Takabe and “egg” models Kanako Kawabata and Kanae Shishikura .

“men’s egg Drummers” will begin screening in theaters across the country on July 16.
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White tigers on display
A zoo in the city of Kagoshima, southwestern Japan, has put two white tigers on public display.

Hirakawa Zoological Park (平川動物公園) first put a male on display on Thursday as part of a plan to show it and a female alternately.

The while tigers from China, both 2 years old and 2 meters long, are a white variation of the Bengal tiger, according to the zoo.

''We assume they may produce cubs in several years,'' said Shinichi Saino, 48, of the zoo.

The zoo has asked the public to suggest names for the animals from June 1 to 30 which can be submitted by postcard.

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NHK’s 2012 taiga drama cast led by Kenichi Matsuyama, Kyoko Fukada and Emi Takei
NHK’s 2012 taiga drama “Taira no Kiyomori(平清盛)” already has an impressive male cast lined up, NHK held a press conference to reveal the main female cast, adding nine more big names to the roster. At the top of the list were actresses Kyoko Fukada (深田恭子) and Emi Takei(武井咲), playing important roles as partners of lead actor Kenichi Matsuyama(松山ケンイチ) .
The drama revolves around the life of the 12th century general Taira no Kiyomori (Matsuyama). Fukada plays his wife, Taira no Tokiko. Meanwhile, Takei plays his concubine, Tokiwa Gozen, who was also a lover to Kiyomori’s rival Minamoto no Yoshitomo (Hiroshi Tamaki).

Kenichi Matsuyama (松山ケンイチ) - Taira no Kiyomori
Matsuda Shota (松田翔太) - Go-Shirakawa-tennou
Fujiki Naohito (藤木直人) - Saigyo / Sato Norikiyo
Kiichi Nakai (中井貴一) - Taira no Tadamori
Fumiyo Kohinata (小日向文世) - Minamoto no Tameyoshi
Hiroshi Mikami (三上博史) - Toba Joko
ARATA - Sutoku-tennou
Jun Kunimura (國村隼) - Fujiwara no Tadazane
Koji Yamamoto (山本耕史) - Fujiwara no Yorinaga
Sadao Abe (阿部サダヲ) - Shinzei / Fujiwara no Michinori
Baijaku Nakamura (中村梅雀) - Taira no Iesada
Takaya Kamikawa (上川隆也) - Taira no Morikuni
Takahiro Fujimoto (藤本隆宏) - Fujiwara no Tadakiyo
Shunsuke Daito (大東俊介) - Taira no Iemori

Kyoko Fukada (深田恭子) - Taira no Tokiko
Emi Takei (武井咲) - Tokiwa Gozen
Riko Narumi (成海璃子) - Taira no Shigeko
Ai Kato(加藤あい) - Takashina no Akiko
Emi Wakui (和久井恵美) - Fujiwara no Muneko
Lena Tanaka (田中麗奈) - Yura Gozen
Rei Dan (檀れい) - Fujiwara no Tamako
Ryo (りょう) - Horikawa no Tsubone
Yasuko Matsuyuki (松雪泰子) - Fujiwara no Nariko

“Taira no Kiyomori” premieres in January 2012 and will run for 50 episodes.
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New Addition to Haruhi Suzumiya Novel Series
The latest installment in 'The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya' series of novels, written by Nagaru Tanigawa, was released on 25 May 2011. The series has been turned into a smash-hit anime and also adapted into a manga. The new volume is entitled 'Suzumiya Haruhi no Kyougaku'(涼宮ハルヒの驚愕/The Astonishment of Haruhi Suzumiya).
涼宮ハルヒの驚愕 初回限定版(64ページオールカラー特製小冊子付き)

This is the first new novel in the series since ‘The Dissociation of Haruhi Suzumiya’ was released in spring 2007. With total unit sales for the entire series totaling around 6.5 million, this new installment has been hotly anticipated. A new volume was tabled for release in 2008 but subsequently called off. Since then, repeated announcements of a release have been made and then called off, causing confusion among fans. Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko, the publisher of the series, has now finally announced they are releasing the new volume this May.

Pre-order sales on Amazon Japan have already seen the volume soar to the top of the rankings online.

At midnight on Tuesday night, about 400 fans lined up for a chance to buy some limited edition.
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Please visit Japan! - Japan promotes itself as safe destination at tourism conference
Japan asked other countries to help revive its tourism industry during a global travel summit Thursday in Las Vegas, saying the disaster-hit nation is safe and free of health concerns.

"I’d like to say, Japan is safe," Atsutoshi Nishida, chairman of Toshiba Corp, who led the delegation to the Global Travel and Tourism Summit, told a session before the three-day event wrapped up.
Hello Kitty was appointed Japan’s tourism ambassador

"Each region of the country is working now to bring the crowds back to the tourist points" and would-be visitors do not have to worry about the effects on their health, Nishida said to some 1,000 travel industry leaders and government representatives.

Nishida also said he is concerned that the world has wrong information about accidents at the radiation-leaking Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant and asked other countries to help prevent unfounded rumors on the crisis from scaring away would-be visitors.

Mutsutake Otsuka, chairman of East Japan Railway Co, also said the restored service of its Tohoku Shinkansen bullet train has provided tourists with quick access to the northeastern region and there are no problems with transportation and accommodation.

The number of foreign visitors to Japan in April fell 62.5%―the sharpest ever drop for a single month, due to the impact of the March 11 mega earthquake and tsunami, as well as the subsequent nuclear crisis, according to a recent tally by a government affiliate.

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