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Jimmy Choo for H&M in Shinjuku

H&M unveiled Jimmy Choo for H&M , a collaboration collection of women’s shoes, clothes, bags, and accessories, as well as menswear items on Nov.14.

Jimmy Choo ( 周仰杰) is a Malaysian fashion designer based in London. He is best known for founding Jimmy Choo Ltd that became known for its hand-made women's shoes.
Choo was born in Penang, Malaysia in a family of shoemakers. He is of Chinese Hakka descent. He made his first shoe when he was 11 years old. His craftsmanship and designs were soon noticed and he came to the verge of international notability when his creations were featured in a record eight pages in a 1988 issue of Vogue magazine. Patronage from Diana, Princess of Wales from 1990 onwards further boosted his image.

The opportunity to own Jimmy Choo designed fashion at H&M prices drew long lines at all four Tokyo H&M locations – Ginza, Harajuku, Shibuya, and the new store in Shinjuku.

Because the Jimmy Choo for H&M collection items were limited, H&M Japan used a wristband system to try to keep track of who would get a chance for first grab at the pieces. The first 160 shoppers at each store earned a chance at a wristband.

3-5-4, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Business hours: 11:00 - 21:00


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Takashimaya Nihonbashi (日本橋高島屋)
Takashimaya Nihonbashi

Takashimaya Nihonbashi

Takashimaya (高島屋) is a large Japanese department store chain. Founded in 1829 in Kyoto by Iida Shinkichi (飯田新七) as a retailer of used clothing and cotton cloth, the store now has outlets throughout Japan.Takashimaya carries a wide array of products, ranging from wedding dresses and other apparel to electronics and flatware.
Takashimaya Nihonbashi

Nihonbashi (日本橋) is a business district of Chuo, Tokyo, Japan which grew up around the bridge of the same name which has linked two sides of the Nihonbashi River at this site since the 17th century. The first wooden bridge was completed in 1603, and the current bridge made of stone dates from 1911. The district covers a large area to the north and east of the bridge, reaching Akihabara (秋葉原) to the north and the Sumida River (隅田川) to the east. Otemachi (大手町) is to the west and Yaesu (八重洲) and Ginza (銀座) to the south.
old-fashioned lifts in Takashimaya Nihonbashi

In Nihonbashi Takashimaya is one of the more venerable old establishments with palatial architecture.Primly-dressed, white-gloved attendants operate the old-fashioned lifts.

Map:Takashimaya Nihonbashi
click to zoom

2-4-1 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Ginza, Tozai, Toei Asakusa lines to Nihonbashi (exit B1 & B2)
日本橋駅(銀座線・東西線・都営浅草線) B1・B2出口
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Burberry Omotesando
Burberry Omotesando

Burberry Omotesando store is 550 metres squared, and the doors reopened on the 5th of September with new decor designed by Burberry creative director Christopher Bailey.

Burberry is a British luxury fashion house, manufacturing clothing and fashion accessories. Its distinctive tartan pattern has become one of its most widely copied trademarks.

The Omotesando store is the brand's most luxurious expression in Japan. It houses collections from the Burberry Prorsum line for both men and women, and their accessories collection too.

Perfumes, watches and glasses will be on offer, alongside a selection of special edition accessories created exclusively for the Omotesando store.

The floor is made of dark wood, and the wall reflects the trench shade of the area that hosts their Outerwear line. There are lots of British materials and references to the brand's icons.

The Omotesando store doesn’t deal with the Burberry blue label.

5-8-2 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
03 5778 7891
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Mitsukoshi (三越) Ginza
Mitsukoshi Ginza

Mitsukoshi is an international department store chain with headquarters in Tokyo. It was founded in 1673 with the shop name "Echigoya (越後屋)".
Ten years later in 1683, Echigoya took a new approach to marketing. Instead of selling by going door-to-door, they set up a store where buyers could purchase goods on the spot with cash.
Mitsukoshi Ginza
Tokyo’s oldest department store was originally modeled Harrods in London. Look for the Mitsukoshi lion at the corner entrance, which is a popular meeting spot.

In August 2007, Mitsukoshi was announced that Mitsukoshi will merge into Isetan (伊勢丹), a major department store in Japan.

4-6-16 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
10am-7.30pm Mon-Sat, 10am-7pm Sun, Closed occasional Mon;
Ginza, Hibiya, Marunouchi lines to Ginza (exits A7 & A11)
銀座駅(銀座線、日比谷線、丸の内線)A7 ・A11出口 
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Founded in 1899, Mikimoto Pearl (ミキモト真珠) was founded by the self-made Kokichi Mikimoto (御木本 幸吉).

Kokichi Mikimoto

In 1888, Mikimoto obtained a loan to start his first pearl oyster farm at the Shinmei inlet on Ago Bay in Mie prefecture. 
On 11 July 1893, after many failures and near bankruptcy, he was able to create the hemispherical cultured pearls.
However, it took him another 12 years to create completely spherical pearls that were indistinguishable from the highest quality natural ones, and commercially viable harvests were not obtained until the 1920s.

In 1899, the first Mikimoto pearl shop opened in the fashionable Ginza district of Tokyo selling natural seed pearls, and half round pearls. The store was located right next door to Wako department store.


4-5-5 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo


Ginza, Hibiya & Marunouchi lines to Ginza (exitB5)
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