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Interview with Aural Vampire
Gothic and Music pass across the border!

Aural Vampire, a typical artist of “Cool Japan”Now in the spotlight in the fashion of Gothic-kei


Laforet Limited Collection was given on Laforet Harajuku, with the array of 30 popular models on Sep, 20.

In front of the shop of ATELIER PIERROT, there was a photography event by Aural Vampire, now increasingly popular band, which already established a genre “etectrogos Pop” characterized by Gothic-Kei fashion.

Aural Vampire is the band by Vampire Vocal EXO-CHIKA and Masked D.J. RAVEMAN.
The band expresses the violent and sexual energy of the horror movies of seventies and eighties years with bizarre electronic sounds and emotional melodies.

Its characteristic melodies and the visual effect of the vocal “EXO-CHIKA” produce unique, explosive vision of the band.

Not only domestic media but also overseas media play up this band. It often makes live tour to America and Europe to enjoy popularity for its mysterious live performance.

We had chance to hear directly from the vocal EXO-CHIKA of Aural Vampire on fashion and Cool Japan overseas.

1.On fashion

Would you tell us the background how and why you appear to the event of Laforet Harajuku this time?

The fashion which I prefer for my performance is “Gothic fashion”, and this time ATELIER PIERROT, related shop, invited us to appear for this event.

When have you got to be conscious about Gothic-Kei fashion, and what has triggered it?.

In the beginning not knowing even the name “Gothic-Kei fashion” I have decorated myself as I pleased, and afterward I have come to realize that everybody calls this style so.

I hear that the fangs are your own idea, but, have you made improvements any other thing when you dress yourself with Gothic-Kei fashion?

My principle is, as it is adaptable for all dressers, you always have to have firmly your own ideal how you want to present yourself visually.
The ideal form is not necessarily the same every day. Various art and other things influence me every day. So I dress myself in Gal-fashion and kimono too.

Would you tell us the name of your familiar shops or brands?

I have no especially favorite brand or shop. The chance and the feeling will be more important than the brand name.

What is Gothic-Kei fashion for you EXO-CHIKA?

An everyday thing! .It is not bad for some to enjoy it as an extraordinary thing. But for me it is a natural dressing.


2.Popularity and reactions overseas

I hear you have overseas live performances many times. How is the reaction of audience overseas as against the Japanese fans?

I feel horrible power. Generally in Japan the audience is waiting to be pleased. On the other hand, the overseas audience is ready to please themselves, that I can feel standing on the stage.

EXO-CHIKA, what do you think is the phenomena “Cool Japan” overseas, which a Japanese himself does not become aware of, but rather popular there?

It may be the temperament itself of the Japanese. Japanese culture in terms of gal-culture, anime-culture, cuisine culture, and amenity is all unique. It is a Japanese tendency to do same things as others, and that may be a kind of charm point of Japanese for them.

Why do you think why Japanese pop culture attracts many people overseas?

Probably it may be because of a kind of sympathy to otaku tendency. I was surprised to know that there are many Otakus overseas. (laugh)

3.On Aural Vampire in the future

I hear that the Japanese music market stays stagnant now. How do you think of your overseas activities?

Thanks to the popularity of the internet, now the music are more close to everybody’s heart in the world. In spite of the stagnation of the music market, music itself is more intimately existing in everybody. Overseas music activities may be accessed from some different angle. We will try and find how we can bring music to them in the world, where the Web connecting everybody.

To end this interview, tell us your purpose of music activities in the future.

We will exert ourselves to make more people hear our music performed with my friend RAVEMAN.

Thank you for your encouragement!

Thank you very much!
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