StarWars characters at the Nebuta Festival
The Nebuta Festival, one of the six major festivals of Tohoku region, was held and new type images such as thoses of Star Wars series were displayed among other traditional images of floats in Aomori City, Aomori Pref. Aug.2-7.

(by Terry)
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Japan’s 7-11 becoming more convenient than ever with 100 tax free shops
7-11 Japan announced to expand their tax free service for foreigners and tourists. Having about 30 tax free 7-11, it will increase to 100 by the end of July. They are installing new cashier system with reduced time in tax free registration and making “convenience store” aptly named than ever.

Not only do they have information and product explanations in English, Chinese, Korean and other languages, they also have the “7 spot” which offers free Wi-fi. Another good news is that language selection for the ATM machine will increase from 4 to 12 with in 2015.

Their strategy is great. They have products that sells like cake by the register. It only takes about 3 minutes for the tax free registration to finish, which is 1/3 of how it was. With their rival stores Lawson and Family Mart only installing tax free in few stores, 7-11 is taking a great lead.

With having tax free system for some of the stores, average spending cost goes up to 70,000 yen. The most popular products include the 7-11 limited Kose skin care products which sell few hundreds of their hit washing foam in a day. 7-11 will continue to impress foreigners and make it even more convenient for everyone.

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Summer plants examination fair for the Tokyo Olympics
An examination fair to rate and select excellent summer plants was held at a metropolitan park in Koto ward Tokyo on Jul.24. This fair was to choose good plants or flowers in respect of beauty and perservarnce to survive in vivacity in a hot mid summer time as a part of preparation for the upcoming Tokyo Olympic Games 2020.

About 200 types of plants were exhibited and examined, which had been grown by producing companies or horticulturists including cultivar improved ones. The fair will have been held until September three times in total to decide excellent plants which are to decorate places around the Olympics venues and areas along the marathon courses in the big events in five years.(by Terry)

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Visit Japan Asia Travel Mart 2015
Visit Japan Asia Travel Mart 2015 is being held Jun.12-21(familizarization trips on Jun.12-21, business negotiation events on Jun.16 and 17, and work shops on Jun. 16) at Makuhari Messe in Chiba City Chiba pref.

This big event of inbound tourism always becomes so popular and visited by a lot of foreign buyers, travel agents, and local suppliers, sellers,such as municipalities, bus companies, hotels, guide associations, and so forth.

This time 250 buyers are officially invited to the event from 11 countries of China,Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore,Malaysia,Indonesia, Vietnam, The Philippines, and India. The host, Japan Tourism Agency and JNTO expect to have more visitors and energetic promotions and negotiations to take place which are to trigger more momentum in that industry.(by Terry)

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“Blood Blockade battlefront” Character store opens at Tokyo station
A temporary character goods store, or a “chara-pop store” of “Blood Blockade battlefront”(/血界戦線, Kekkai Sensen), a popular manga and anime work will open Jun.16-Jul.31st on the B1 floor in ”Tokyo Eki Ichibangai(Tokyo Station First Street)” , the biggest station basement shopping arcade zone of Tokyo.

This manga and anime work is a fantasy about an imaginary world where the human world and and a fantasy world exist together and describing stories of a secret order. To the work, such a chara-pop store is the first one and is going to sell relating goods to the work. The store will prepare wagons at selling stages and also provide special lottery services whose special goods are available only there.(by Terry)
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